Everything is possible!

At LSP, we firmly believe that even the seemingly impossible can be done. In almost 20 years of developing advanced technology, we have learned that for true innovation, one must leave familiar terrain. It goes without saying that knowledge and proficiency are fundamental, but in the realm of the unknown, curiosity, creativity and optimism are particularly important.

Decisive action, the readiness to make decisions – and sometimes even the boldness to take a detour – are our basic principles. The path to the groundbreaking idea is rarely a highway, but often an odyssey on an off-road track.

We are convinced that innovative thinking and solid business relationships are the fundamental building blocks for sustainable, long-term success.

For this we need something very special: trust. Trust in our own skills – and in those of our colleagues and business partners. It is precisely the combination of different personalities and different viewpoints that opens the door for something new.

  • Great ideas need creativity, knowledge and persistence –
    and a clear head where these elements can properly unfold.

    (Heinz Leiber)
  • Make a decision! Any decision is better than none.

    (Dr. Thomas Leiber)
  • Only cooperate with trusted and highly competent people.

    (Dr. Thomas Leiber)
  • There is always a simple solution; one must simply find it.

    (Alexander Solschenizyn)

Our Philosophy