Promoting advanced technology: LSP develops an ultra-compact high- performance electric motor for high-voltage systems

As part of the “Central Innovation Program for SMEs” (ZIM) from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, LSP has been working on the development of a high-performance electric motor for high-voltage systems since 2018. For their work, engineers at the Unterfoehring-based operation decided on the concept of a permanently excited synchronous machine that can be scaled up to an output of 100 kW. The new motor is suitable for voltages ranging from 230 V – 400 V.

Innovation through a new mix of materials

By using ceramic cooling elements and novel high-temperature resistant polymers, LSP was able to form the basis for developmental success. These innovative materials, combined with an additive manufacturing process in which individual components were built up layer by layer, allowed for enormous flexibility and ultimately an ultra-compact design with the highest performance metrics. The power and torque characteristics of LSP’s new high-voltage motor can also be adapted to whatever application is currently at hand.

The high power density of up to 8 kW/kg as well as its high efficiency rating make the new HV motor a further milestone on the road to more sustainable mobility.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy as part of a resolution made in German parliament. The Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) supports individual projects in a wide range of technologies and industries. ZIM aims to strengthen the innovative power and thus the competitiveness of medium-size companies over the long term.

It is intended to contribute to economic growth, in particular by tapping into the country’s potential for value creation and raising the level of overall application-oriented knowledge.

Funding for the project will end on 31 December 2020. Final tests are currently underway.

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