DAG – inspired dynamics!

LSP’s patented Double Air Gap technology (DAG) satisfies every possible need for dynamics and response. The motors impress both with their design as external or internal rotors and feature high power density and efficiency as well as outstanding dynamics. Simultaneously, they reduce current peaks, thus making them particularly suited for applications with stringent on-board power system requirements.

Furthermore, their low weight and compact construction are highly convincing. LSP’s patented DAG motors have a low rotor wall thickness. After all, the rotor only carries the magnets and bearings, in contrast to the standard motor. The magnetic flux is closed by a standing back flux iron, which requires a further air gap (Double Air Gap). This significantly reduces the rotor’s inertial mass, which enables motor applications that require great compactness, dynamics and power density.

More information
Cross-section Double Air Gap motor (DAG)
DAG – Technology Overview
  • Major increase of dynamic response compared to conventional motors
  • Thus, a great reduction of current peaks
  • More compact design for significant cost benefits
  • Can be implemented with all common motor types, incl. internal and external rotors, linear motors etc.

We perform all development processes in-house:

Mechanical Design
Electronics Design
Drives & Control
Software Development
Final Inspection

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