The future of braking –
Integrated Braking System

Without hesitation, we can describe our Integrated Braking System as the future of braking. In all relevant areas requiring modern braking systems, IBS meets or exceeds the performance standards already established by systems like ABS or ESP. In addition, its small package ensures that it requires very little space, regardless of vehicle, for enormous weight and cost advantages.

The overall system is extremely fail-safe, not only due to its excellent fallback level (mechanical actuation of the brake, in the event of electric motor blockage, for example). All safety-relevant functions can be diagnosed, although the system complexity is relatively low. Only known standard components and commonplace manufacturing technologies are used.

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Integriertes Bremssystem IBS
IBS – Technology Overview
  • Exceeds all requirements of future braking systems like ABS, ESP and modern driver assistance systems
  • Enormous package advantage thanks to compact, integrated design
  • Exclusive use of common manufacturing technologies and purchased parts
  • Easy adaptation to different vehicle types thanks to modular structure and design
  • High reliability of overall system due to diagnostics of all safety-related functions

We perform all development processes in-house:

Mechanical Design
Electronics Design
Drives & Control
Software Development
Final Inspection

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