Rotary Valve Train –
the principle with the right spin!

RVT is a rotary drive that enables completely variable, camshaft-free control of combustion motor valves.

Its innovative rotary axis concept enables high power density for use in diesel and gasoline engines, gas or hydrogen engines. The patented drive convinces by simultaneously providing high torque and high momentum. Well-known OEMs have used RVT for years to study and optimize the charge exchange control as well as research innovative, dynamic combustion processes that increase the efficiency of real series engines.

The RVT is a true heavyweight: within 2.5 ms, it lifts loads of 80kg up to 10mm. Thanks to the valve’s precise closing motion, it achieves impact speeds comparable to mechanical camshafts.

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Rotatorischer Ventiltrieb RVT
RVT – Technology Overview
  • Can be used to control gas exchange valves in all types of combustion engines, or to control auxiliary valves
  • Maximum power density through innovative 2-phase synchronous drive
  • Highly precise valve lift control and repetition accuracy thanks to integrated valve lift sensors
  • Unlimited possibilities: Custom valve lift profiles, cylinder shut-off, multiple strokes (EGR), phase shift etc.
  • Reliable continuous load operation due to integrated cooling

We perform all development processes in-house:

Mechanical Design
Electronics Design
Drives & Control
Software Development
Final Inspection

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