When the best is just good enough –
mechatronic systems for racing

LSP has been a competent development partner for renowned German racing teams for many years. We develop small series of mechatronic systems, highly dynamic EC motors, and intelligent actuators that fulfill the enormous requirements in motorsport competition in terms of performance, safety and reliability. You can also benefit from our know-how, many years of experience, very short development cycles, fast response times and proven quality standards.

High safety standards from the series development of passenger car brake systems
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Safety systems that have proven themselves daily on roads and streets should be a matter of course and a minimum requirement in racing. Integrated electronics with 100% self-diagnostics (system status, communication, pressure and volume characteristic, leakage), simple and proven CAN interfaces, a 12 V voltage supply as well as the use of proven failsafe routines and hydraulic backups ensure that drivers cross the finish line not only in first place, but also in sound shape and accident-free.

Optimal pedal feel according
to individual requirements
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Peak performance is only possible when man and machine are in perfect harmony. Our braking systems thus offer the optimal pedal feel regardless of the recuperation performance. In addition, due to a shortened pedal stroke, the simulator system offers significantly faster pressure buildup by the driver.

High reliability and stability
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All of LSP’s systems comply with the IP67 sealing class and pass numerous shaker, climate chamber, continuous running and leakage tests during the development process.

What counts: Main characteristics of racing car brake systems

Particularly in the high-performance range, brake systems require enormous dynamics and great pressure control accuracy. Our intelligent system architecture allows use of the brake system both in purely electrically powered vehicles as well as in “Autonomous Racing”.

Our best reference: IBS in racing

IBS also offers full recuperation and is thus predestined for use in racing vehicles with hybrid motors.

3D Modell Rennfahrzeug
Electrohydraulic brake system with pedal simulator

LSP has developed an electrohydraulic brake system especially for requirements in racing. The brake system is situated between the brake pedal with the master cylinder and the wheel brakes.

Pressure control according to target pressure

The system can be regulated to any wheel pressure.
Brake pressure modulation takes place in the background when the brakes are operated.
The pedal characteristics are not affected during pressure control. The brake balance can be optimally set for each driving situation.

Recuperation capability of the brake system

Intervention on the vehicle drive train by a hybrid motor is fully compensated by active withdrawal of the braking torque by the active brake system. This allows complete use of the recuperative performance of the electric motor during braking.

We perform all development processes in-house:

Mechanical Design
Electronics Design
Drives & Control
Software Development
Final Inspection

We would be glad to realize your project ideas.
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