Single-source solutions – the RVT system

LSP offers a customized solution for fully variable control of combustion motor charge cycles, consisting of the patented innovative RVT valve train, controllers and specially developed test stand software.
Well-known OEMs have used RVT for years to study and optimize the charge exchange control as well as to research innovative, dynamic combustion processes that increase the efficiency of real series engines. The RVT system can be easily integrated into any existing test environment. We gladly provide the appropriate consulting services for your needs.

More information
Das RVT- System Prüfstand
RVT – Technology Overview
  • Modular concept for one- to six-cylinder engines
  • Fully-variable control of charge cycles for series combustion engines
  • Freely programmable valve lift curves
  • Changes of valve lift profiles during motor operation are possible for cylinder shut-off, phase position of individual or pair-wise valves, opening duration, stroke curve shape etc.
  • Standardized sensor and communication interface
  • Precise results due to outstanding repeatability
  • High failure safety due to extensive diagnostic functions
  • Real-time data acquisition and visualization

We perform all development processes in-house:

Mechanical Design
Electronics Design
Drives & Control
Software Development
Final Inspection

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